Benefits of Outsourcing Digital Marketing Service - Strategy & ROI

As a matter of fact, operating a business is a time taking task. There will come a time when one realizes that looking after and doing everything by oneself seems no more practicable. Thereupon, there arises the need of employing some more hands, but at times it is not even necessary. In that case, outsourcing your digital marketing to expert companies is the best solution.

How Techies Infotech is placing Amritsar on the IT map of India

How Techies Infotech is Placing Amritsar on the IT Map of India

How Techies Infotech is Placing Amritsar on the IT Map of India
With the rapid growth in the Indian economy, the IT industry is playing a major role in this progress. Moreover, the fast-paced growth in the expansion of the socio-economic infrastructure has emerged to be of great support in the progress of the Indian information technology industry.

increase traffic on landing page

7 Hacks to Increase Traffic on Your Landing Pages

Landing pages play a vital role in any business in generating awareness and displaying their products or services. Although people invest ample amount of time and money in landing pages, yet they could not yield the substantial traffic or leads.

Boost your Website SEO with Schema Markup

Boost your Website SEO with Schema Markup

With the invasion of Voice Search technology in the industry and the growing influence of the RankBrain algorithm on the Google’s core Search algorithm, the need to place webpage in context has become more essential to strengthen the search visibility and ultimately the SEO results.

State Of content marketing strategy

Why Content Marketing Strategy is a Must for SEO in 2019?

Similar to other inconsistent things in life, consumers’ behaviour is also the same. In today’s scenario, businesses or brands are investing blindly into marketing with a view to just anticipate or perhaps keep abreast with the changing preferences of the buyers

State Of Digital Marketing In 2019

How to Rank in 2019- The Complete SEO Checklist

If you own a business and you look forward to rank your page in 2019, then understanding the Local Google search engine is more vital than ever. Since the Google algorithm prioritizes hyperlocal results, considering the local search marketing is a must.

State Of Digital Marketing In 2019

State of Digital Marketing In 2019

With the commencement of 2019, businesses are on a lookout for embracing new competitive trends and techniques to allure and connect with the maximum number of customers. Moreover, everyone is able to witness the unstoppable and accelerated systems of digital marketing.

Top 5 Website Optimization Techniques For 2019

Top 5 Website Optimization Techniques For 2019

Keeping pace with these ever-evolving trends in website optimization has become hard to play with over the period of last 10 years. Earlier, Google was supposed to assess the websites on the basis of 200 ranking factors. But with the advancing time, the factors that determine SERPs have also evolved.

Everything You Need to Know About

Trends That Will Define Future of Digital Marketing in 2019

With the approaching of 2019, the digital marketing platform too is getting evolved. Now, the digital marketing would not just be encompassing around SEO, Social Media, PPC, and Content Writing; but would also be giving a prestigious place to Artificial Intelligence and Visual Search.

Importance of Videos Production For SEO

Importance of Videos Production For SEO

Web platform these days has become one of the most dynamic platforms of the galaxy. It has become such platform which changes within a blink of an eye. Hence it is very important that one stays updated with the pros and cons of the aspects of the web world.

Online Reputation.jpg Web Development

How to Manage Business’s Online Reputation

In today's jiffy, no one can't deny how important the web platform has become for business management. Almost every new business joins the global race on the web in the hope to reach the top. Some do succeed in achieving what they have thought of, but some have to pacify themselves with whatever they get.

Top Misconceptions about Web Development

Top Misconceptions about Web Development

In today's jiffy who is oblivion to word ‘Website'? Websites aren't just a stack of web pages on the web but now have become essential pieces of a jigsaw puzzle of a company's success.

10 Most Popular Payment Gateways in India

10 Most Popular Payment Gateways in India

World today has become so much engrossed in the internet web that people now have found the ways to commence their business through it. From large tycoons to small merchants, everyone is using online ways to earn money.

Google release source code for Android I/O app

Google Release Source Code for Android I/O App

As per the annual trend of Google to release source code for its I/O app after few weeks of developers conference, the remarkable 2018 I/O Android version with a “comprehensive rewrite” featuring Architecture Components, Kotlin, Material Theming, and other modern elements has been released.

Why Graphic Designing

Importance of Graphic Designing in Digital Marketing

World today is not just confined to the deep cut impacts of the words but the graphics along have assisted a lot in maintaining a long term interest of the viewers. Hence it is really pivotal to make the graphics eye feasting and self-explanatory so that viewer doesn’t have to dive to imaginative worlds to figure out the meaning behind each pic.

Success Stories

Success Stories of Techies Infotech

Digital presence has become of utmost importance in today’s time. With the increasing usage of social media platforms, organisations are becoming more aware of the value of the social media marketing.